Monday, January 14, 2019

The Half Shell, Memphis, TN

The Half Shell


The Half Shell is a Memphis staple, known for their seafood, but they have a good selection of other items also. They are are the corner of Mendenhall road and Southaven Avenue just south of Poplar and the railroad tracks. I went there tonight on the way to a rehearsal. I wasn't extremely hungry and I decided to get a sandwich instead of a full entree.

To my pleasant surprise, they have a Monte Cristo sandwich, and I've been trying for some years to find a good Monte in the Memphis area since Bennigan's closed a few years ago. I've found a few places that have one, but they aren't the traditional fried club sandwich style that I like.

I perused the menu just to see what types of dinners they had and of course, they had a good selection of seafood and steaks. I've been there before, but it had been many years ago. They are not a cheap place, but not badly overpriced either for what you get.

The sandwich I got tonight included a side and I chose steak fries. With a drink, the total was about $13.00 before tip. The sandwich was really good and I will definitely be back!

El Porton, Memphis, TN


El Porton is a Mexican restaurant in Memphis on Poplar Avenue just west of Highland, in the building where Buffalo Wild Wings used to be. I went there yesterday for dinner with some friends.

Apparently they don't have a website so I didn't list one. There are three El Porton restaurants in the Memphis/North Mississippi area and as far as I know, they are all owned or operated by the same family and not related to any of the other El Porton locations in other parts of the county.

I like their food but it isn't one of my favorite Mexican places. They have pretty standard selections just like other Mexican places and their prices are reasonable. That sounds like a mediocre review but it really isn't. Their food is good, they just don't happen to be a restaurant I go to much. For Mexican food, I prefer the small "hole in the wall" type places where most of the employees don't speak English, but El Porton is definitely worth going to if you're near one.

This time I got a chicken quesadilla. The price was about average. For the entree, a cheese dip, and a drink, the total was around $14.00 or $15.00 before tax, which is about the same as most places.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mortimer's Memphis, TN



Mortimer's is locally owned restaurant that's been in business since 1981. It's on Perkins Road, just north of Sam Cooper Boulevard, across from Lowe's. I used to live right near it until about 3 years ago, but had only been one time. I went there today for lunch and it was really good. They have daily specials, as well as a regular menu, and 75 cent oyster on the weekends (although I don't like oysters personally).

I got chicken fried chicken with black eyed peas and mashed potatoes. I'm not sure how much it was because my friend paid, but prices appeared to be pretty reasonable. My friend got pot roast and said his was really good also.

This restaurant is now on my list of places to try to go to regularly. I don't live near there any more, so I will have to make a special trip.

Memphis Mojo Cafe, Bartlett, TN

Memphis Mojo Cafe


Memphis Mojo Cafe is a small, casual burger joint in Bartlett on Highway 64, a few blocks east of Summer Avenue/Highway 70. I went there last night after hearing about it a number of times and it was really good.

There are only a few tables but they weren't very busy while I was in there. They are only open until 9 PM which surprised me a little, but I got there in plenty of time.

I got the jalapeno burger and onion rings and both were really good. The total was a little less than $14.00 which is about average for a cafe of this style. There were several things on the menu that sounded really good, so I'll have to go back and try some of them.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Sushi Jimmi, Memphis, TN

Sushi Jimmi


Sushi Jimmi is a small Japanese Fusion restaurant on Poplar Avenue just east of the Union/Poplar convergence (if you're from Memphis, you know what I mean), at the corner of Poplar and Fenwick Road, almost directly across the street from Amro Music Store.

I went there for lunch today and was very pleased. To be honest, it was a little more expensive that I was expecting, but they advertise themselves as a Japanese fusion restaurant, so I should have expected that, and they are a little cheaper than all of the other fusion restaurants I've been to so the prices weren't bad.

I got a Batman roll which is spicy crawfish, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spicy mayo, and eel sauce and it was very good. I also ordered an appetizer, the Jalapeno poppers, and they were completely different than what I was expecting, but very good. They were not the typical deep fried poppers you get at most places. They were fixed in an Asian style, different that anything I've ever had and they were great. They were great as they were, but I asked for some eel sauce to go with them. I tried eel sauce and soy sauce and neither one of those was quite right, but they were still good nonetheless.

They weren't very busy and the service was great. The total before tip including a drink was about $22.00 and I will definitely be back.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Restaurante Vigil, Memphis, TN

Restaurante Vigil


Restaurante Vigil is a small Mexican Restaurant on Homer Street, right at the corner of Rockwood Avenue, across from the old Leawood Baptist Church in the Highland and Macon area. I went there today randomly. I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch but they were running late and I hadn't eaten since the previous evening. I knew they opened in the last couple of years but had not been there. It's a small place with only a few tables.

I got a chicken quesadilla and it was really good. It came with rice and beans. The beans were honestly a little soupy, but they made a great "sauce" for the rice and tasted very good.

The prices were very reasonable. For the quesadilla entree and a canned Coke, the total was exactly $10.00. I'm not 100% sure but I think they take cash only.

Nobody there really speaks English, so you may have to order in Spanish, but it's definitely worth trying.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Dixie Queen, Southaven, MS

Dixie Queen, Southaven, MS


Dixie Queen is a local chain with several locations around Memphis and two in Southaven, MS. I go there from time to time and usually get a cheeseburger, but this past Wednesday I got their chili-cheese fries based on the recommendation of a coworker, and I was really impressed. I occasionally get this at Krystal, but these were really good and I believe from now on when I want chili-cheese fries, this will be where I go. They apparently don't have a web site, so you may have to do a Google search for a location near you.

I went to the location that is near my house, which is on Stateline Road about 2 blocks east of I-55 on the north side, before you get to Tops Barbecue.

Their prices are about average for a drive though place. Normally a large cheeseburger and a drink is about $7.00. The total this was around that same amount and the item was enough for a meal. They are also one of the few places that is open 24 hours any more. They also have really good ice cream and milkshakes.

I'll be honest with you, they don't appear to have very good reviews on the internet, but I've never had a bad meal there. I will say, their burgers are kind of greasy, so if you don't like greasy burgers, this is not the burger place for you.

I've said several times that I normally don't review chain restaurants, but the ones that I have reviewed are typically local chains or there is some specific reason I reviewed than, like a few days ago when I reviewed White Castle since we don't have those in my area.