Monday, February 26, 2018

Caminos de Michoacan, Memphis, TN



Caminos is a small privately owned Mexican restaurant in Memphis near the corner of Macon Rd and Maria Rd. It's been there a few years now, but I didn't try it until they had been there a couple of years. A friend of mine suggested it, so I went there once and fell in love with it. It's one of those Mexican places that is authentic, down to the fact that most of the employees and clientele barely speak English, if they speak it at all.

Everything I've had there has been great. Tonight for dinner I got the chicken taco salad, but I usually get a dish called the Pachuga Suprema, which is a chicken breast with a slice of ham on it with cheese sauce. I recommend trying that, I just wasn't extremely hungry tonight.

The prices are really reasonable. The total before tip was only a around $13.00, including a drink and queso. I used to go there all the time when I lived near it but now I don't get over that way often enough. I went by tonight for dinner after a rehearsal in the area. Highly recommended!

The Dirty Crow Inn, Memphis, TN

The Dirty Crow


Most of this is copied from a previous entry. I've been to the Dirty Crow several times.

The Dirty Crow is a bar and grill on Kentucky Street just off Crump Blvd in Memphis. I've been there a couple of times but it's been during lunch time on a weekday. I would guess that on weekend nights, it's much more of a bar, but during the day it's not too crowded or loud. It's small with only a few tables and the waitresses were really friendly.

Today for lunch, I had the catfish basket. The catfish was really good. I think it was beer battered. It came with their own tater sauce, and to be honest, I didn't care for it, but the fish and fries were really good, and I used ketchup.

Prices are about average, before tip, the total was little over $12.00, but their basket came with 4 pieces of fish.

Dino's Grill, Memphis, TN



Dino's is a small Italian restaurant on McClain Street, north of Parkway, diagonally across from Snowden High School. I have been there a number of times, but had not been recently. I went there a couple of weeks ago when I had an appointment in the area.

This time, I got the Chicken Parmesan which came with an Italian salad, and it was fantastic. The prices are about average. I don't remember exactly how much I spent, but it was less than $20.00 including drink and tip.

I definitely have this on my list of places to get back to more often.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Germantown, TN



Sakura is a Japanese restaurant on West Street in Germantown just south of Poplar. I went there yesterday (Saturday) for lunch after a rehearsal nearby. I've been there a number of times in the last few years after a friend of mine suggested it. I had eaten sushi before I went there the first time a few years ago but didn't like it (it was cheap buffet sushi and I had no idea what to try) and I mentioned this once a friend gave me the old cliche "You haven't had good sushi" and it was true.

Sakuri isn't cheap sushsi, but it's good, plus I've had a few of their other items and everything I've had has been really good.

The total was around $20.00, if I remember correctly, including drink and tip. This is the Sunset Roll, which is several different types of fish, starting from light to dark across the plate, hence the name Sunset. It's what I normally get when I go there, but their other sushi is good too.

I usually use eel sauce with it instead of soy.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Longhorn Steakhouse, Southaven, MS

Longhorn Steakhouse


Longhorn is a somewhat upscale steakhouse chain and last night, I ate dinner there with a friend. We had a concert and afterward, a couple of us went there for dinner.

I had Parmesan crusted chicken with a baked potato and it was good. Honestly, I've had the same dish a other places and it was a little better, but it was still good at Longhorn last night. Prices are about average for a steakhouse. The chicken dish was about $14.00. We also ordered an fried onion appetizer that was really good.

My friend ordered grilled salmon and all together before tip, the total including two drinks was about $54.00. I have had their steak before too, and it was also good. For the price, it's well worth the money if you want a good steak.

Dodo Pizza, Southaven, MS

Dodo Pizza


Dodo Pizza is a new pizza shop in Southaven and we ordered from this this past Monday night at work. I ordered a supreme and it was really good. We had a buy two get one free coupon of some sort (I didn't actually place the order, one of my coworkers did) and it arrived in about 30 minutes. My supreme was very good, and my coworkers said theirs was too. Somebody ordered a pepperoni and someone else ordered a chicken pizza of some sort.

The prices were about the same as other non-chain pizza places. I spent about $20.00 including a 2 liter of soda and tip.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mexico Grill, Tunica, MS

Mexico Grill


Mexico Grill is an independent Mexican Restaurant on the west side of Highway 61 south of where the casinos are, and just north of the actual city of Tunica. I've been there several times and went there again tonight. I got Chicken con Queso, which is a grilled chicken breast with mixed grilled vegetables and queso, and it comes with rice and beans.

I have been there 8 or 10 times over the last couple of years, and it has been really good every time. They are very reasonably priced. The entree, a small cheese dip, tea, and tip was a little over $18.00.

I got there tonight just after 10:00 PM and they close at 10:30. I usually won't go into a restaurant during the last 30 minutes they are open, but I thought they were open until 11:00 and they assured me it was no problem and gave me great service.

It's a little bit of a drive. It's about 10 minutes or so past the turn for the last casinos, but if you're in the area, give them a try!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tops BBQ, Southaven, MS

Tops BBQ


Tops is a small local chain barbecue restaurant with several locations. Their barbecue is good, but I actually go there for the burgers. They have one of the best "fast food" burgers you can get. I go there pretty regularly, and I've been to most of their locations, but since I live in Southaven now, I go to the Southaven location the most often, which is located on Stateline Road, about two blocks east of I-55.

They have the best deal in the city on large drinks. Their large drink is only 10 cents extra, so if you normally get a large drink with a combo meal, this is the place to get it. They are about average price for a fast food style restaurant. A double cheeseburger combo, which includes two sides and a drink is about a little under $10.00.

They almost always have an online coupon you can print for buy one get one half price combos or sandwiches.

I went there for lunch today and got my usual, a double cheeseburger with ketchup, mayo, and lettuce, and beans and fries, and a large drink.

I normally eat there but today I had something else to do and got it to go and ate at home.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ruby Tuesday, Memphis, TN

Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday is a chain restaurant, and as I've stated before, I won't be posting about too many of those, but RT is one of those occasional exceptions. I've been eating at this place at one location or another since I was a kid. They used to be known for their bread and honey butter, but as far as I know, they don't serve that any more.

For a while a few years back, this chain went through an time where their food wasn't that great, but they have redesigned their salad bar and apparently also their menu and the food is good again. They are similar to a Shoney's but the food is much better, and a little higher priced than Shoney's.

Today I got a dish called Chicken Bella, which is grilled chicken breast with roasted portabella mushrooms and artichokes, with a Parmesan cream sauce. It comes with a choice of two sides and I usually get their signature macaroni and cheese and the salad bar. As I stated, they are not cheap like Shoney's or other similar restaurants. I had a coupon for buy one entree get one half price and even with that, my half of the bill that I split with a friend was about $21.00 including drink and tip.

Their food is great though and I recommend it, especially if you like salad bars. Since they redesigned the salad bar, it's probably one of the best in town, and has a selection of 50 or 60 different items.

The Kooky Canuck, Cordova, TN

This past Wednesday, I went to the Kooky Canuck for the first time. I have a cousin who goes there quite a bit and I've heard good things about it. I got the Yonge Street burger, which is named after a street in Canada. It was really good. It's a double burger with American cheese, sauteed onions and mushroom, bacon, and their house sauce. I was actually expecting the prices to be higher, but with a drink and tip, it was only around $20.00. 

I'm somewhat of a burger aficionado, and the burger was good. I won't say it was great, but it was really good and I would highly recommend it. I will definitely be back to try some of their other stuff.


Avellino's, Southaven, MS



Here is another one I've posted about before, so I'll keep it short. Avellino's is an Italian restaurant in Southaven, MS and I go there at least once week and we order delivery from them at work about once every other week.

This week at work, we ordered on a Friday night so instead of getting my usual BOGO appetizers, I got a sausage and pepper sandwich, and it was great. The total with tip was about $13.00.

Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana, Germantown, TN

Deli Mexicana

I posted about this restaurant two weeks ago, but every other Saturday I am at a rehearsal near there so it's the only time I get close to the area. This past Saturday I went again and this time got tamales and tacos, and as usual, everything was great.

I'll keep it short since I've posted about it before, but here are the pictures!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

La Playita Mexican, Memphis, TN

La Playita


Playita Mexicana is a Mexican restaurant near Bass Pro Shop on Macon Road in Memphis, TN. I had been there several times but a few years ago, a friend of mine recommended that I try the red snapper, which I had seen other people get but never tried. It is a whole fish with cherries for the eyes and comes with rice, beans, and oranges on the side.

I wasn't sure it was something I would like but after I tried it, it's what I go there for now. Their other Mexican food is good too, but this thing is great. It's not cheap. I think it's $17 or $18. I usually get this, a small cheese dip, and a drink and with tip it's close to $30, but it's a lot of food.

There are three different options, garlic grilled, fried, and red diablo sauce. I recommend the garlic but all three are good. I will warn you that the red diablo sauce is really, really hot. It tastes good but it overpowers the taste of the fish.

I went there this past Saturday night but I have been there many times over the last 4 or 5 years since I found out about this dish. Highly recommended!