Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Skybox Grill, Collierville, TN

The Skybox


The Skybox is a sports themed bar and grill in Collierville on Poplar Avenue just west of Houston Levee Road on the north side. I went there this past Wednesday night with a friend that I hadn't seen in several months.

I had been wanting to try this place for a few months but every time I tried to get out there, it was after they were closed. Someone told me they had a really good Monte Cristo sandwich, so that's what I wanted to try, but alas, they don't have that on the menu (that's not a critique of the restaurant. my friend was just wrong). I decided to try the club sandwich and it was really good. I chose a salad as my side item and it was really good also. The service was also very good as well. I'm not really sure how much it was because my friend got the check (thanks Bryant!) but it seemed like prices were average for a bar and grill.

My friend got a brisket sandwich which was the daily special and he said it was really good also. I'll definitely be back.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Marciano's Memphis, TN



Marciano's is an Italian and Mediterranean restaurant on East Brookhaven Drive in Memphis, just off of Poplar, west of White Station Road. I don't recall where I heard about it, but I decided to try it last night and I was impressed.

I ordered the lasagna special and a Cioppino stew appetizer both of which were very good. They brought out bread with what I assume was an olive oil based sauce to dip it in, and it was also very good.

The prices are not cheap, but are in line with other slightly higher end restaurants. My dinner was just over $30.00 for the appetizer which was $8.00, entree which was $18.00, and a drink which was only $2.00 oddly enough, before tip.

I was dressed pretty casually, and to be honest after eating there, I wish I had been a little more formally dressed. Nobody was in shirts and ties, but I was in a print t-shirt and I felt a little too casual. Overall though, the experience was fine. Next time I'll wear a nicer shirt.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tom's Barbecue, Horn Lake, MS



Tom's is a small Barbecue restaurant in Horn Lake on the west side of Highway 51, just a little south Bullfrog Corner (the intersection Goodman and Highway 51).

I went there this past Thursday night after a rehearsal. The Thursday night special was a cheeseburger, so I decided to try that, and I opted for macaroni and cheese as the side item. The burger was good and the mac and cheese was really good. I actually asked if it had pimento in it or some other ingredient and they said no, just the noodles and cheese sauce. I thought the cheese sauce was exceptionally good.

After I was finished, a waitress came over to my table and brought me a free order of ribs, stating that they had forgotten something on my burger. and the order of ribs was to make up for that error. She didn't say what the error was and I didn't notice anything wrong. Either way, the ribs were fantastic. I don't order ribs very often, but I want them, this is the place I will go.

Apparently, this Tom's is related to the Tom's in Memphis at Getwell at Raines. I went there once several years ago and to be honest, I wasn't impressed, but this time at the location in Horn Lake, I was definitely impressed by the ribs, so I'll have to try the barbecue next time.

The total was a little under $9.00 with a drink and tax, so it was a pretty good deal. I don't know how much the ribs were since they didn't charge for them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

La Guadalupana, Memphis, TN

La Guadalupana


Guadalupana is a Mexican Restaurant in Memphis on Summer just west of Mendenhall, near the Pancake Shop. I've been  there a couple of times and it's been good every time. I went there again last night after a rehearsal in the area. I got the Alambres, which is chicken, steak, or pork with onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, and cheese sauce and it was fantastic. It also comes with your choice of flour or corn tortillas, but I normally don't use those.

It was a huge plate of food and was plenty enough for more than one meal. Their prices are very reasonable considering the amount of food. All together, including a large cheese dip and drink, the total was about $16.00, but would have been considerably less if I had ordered a small cheese dip.

I also should mention that I really like the taste of their salsa that comes with the chips. I eat the salsa at most places, but theirs has a really good taste, and it's just spicy enough to make it good.

They also have a location on Winchester which I have not been to yet. I just found out about that tonight and will be visiting them there since it's closer to my house.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Desoto Family Theater, Southaven, MS

Desoto Family Theater

DFT is a small community theater in Southaven next to the Landers Center (same parking lot). I have been involved with many musicals there but not recently. Last night I went to see Godspell because I knew several people that were in it.

I have always enjoyed the things I've done there, and they have always seemed to have good variety of shows that they put up. I honestly don't how the prices compare. Every show that I have attended has been either because I played trumpet in it, or because I knew someone performing and I have never had to buy a ticket (one of the perks of being involved in community theater).

They put up very well done shows and have lots of talent. If you're into theater, this is a good place to go see shows.

El Patron, Southaven, MS

El Patron

El Patron is a Mexican restaurant on Stateline Road in Southaven just west of I-55 next to the Wendy's. I've been there many times over the years. I was first introduced to it years ago after a shooting match at a range that used to be right down the street.

I was just looking at their Facebook page and there are several bad reviews but I have never had a bad meal there. It isn't my favorite Mexican place, but the food has always been good.

Their prices are about average. I went there last night after a play and got a chicken quesadilla, large cheese dip, and a drink and all together it was about $16.00. The large cheese dip was pretty big, so if I had known that, I would have gotten the small, but that's not a complaint, just an observation.

Backermann's Country Market, Whiteville, TN



Backermann's is a Mennonite market on Highway 64 in Whiteville, TN just before you get to the city. I had heard of it before but had never been there. I went out there this past week for lunch. All I got was a ham sandwich and potato salad, but it was great. I also got a scoop of chocolate ice cream which was really good too.

Prices vary but seemed pretty reasonable for you get. They aren't "cheap" but everything is very high quality. I also bought a few items in the grocery store before heading home, including some lunch meat, cheese, candy, and peach preserves.

Definitely check it out if you're in the area.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Akita Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse, Southaven, MS



Akita is a Japanese steakhouse in Southaven in the old mall near the McDonald's, next to Robert Irwin Jewelers. I've been there several times and the food has always been really good. On 6/10, we ordered dinner from there and had it delivered to work. I got chicken teriyaki and a tuna sushi roll and it was very good as always.

Prices are about average for a semi-upscale restaurant. My total for everything was around $19.00. One minor issue is they charge for any kind of sauce other than soy sauce, but otherwise, I've always been happy with the food.