Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kublai Khan Southaven, MS

Kublai Khan


Kublai Khan is a Mongolian stir fry restaurant on Airways Blvd in Southaven, MS, but I go there for the sushi.

This is the Las Vegas roll and the Crazy Grill roll from 12/26/2017 dinner. It was great as always. Neither of these particular sushi rolls uses raw fish (a question that always comes up) and in fact, the Las Vegas roll is fried.

The Las Vegas roll is salmon, cream cheese, avocado, mayo, sriracha, and a jalapeno slice, served best, in my opinion, with soy sauce.

The Crazy Grill roll is crab, tempura shrimp and seared salmon, with spicy mayo, served best, again in my opinion, with eel sauce. Both rolls were great tonight as usual.

Prices are about average for a sushi restaurant. 

The stir fry bowl is also really good, it's just not what I usually get.

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