Monday, April 23, 2018

Huey's Collierville, TN



Huey's is a local chain with several locations and I went to the one in Collierville tonight on Poplar Avenue at Houston Levee. I have an unpopular opinion about Huey's. Many people rave about how great their burgers are but in my opinion, I have had much better burgers at other places.

That said, I don't dislike Huey's. Their burgers are average or slightly above average, with a lot of options for add-ons. I went there tonight because somewhere else I was going was closed. Instead of a burger, I got a sausage and cheese plate which was pretty good. The honey mustard dressing that came with it was really good and the barbecue sauce was pretty good too.

The total with drink and tip was about $15.00. I definitely don't mind eating there, it just isn't my first choice when it comes to hamburgers.

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