Monday, April 23, 2018

TGI Friday's, Southaven, MS



Friday's is a chain restaurant with locations in many cities. They used to be really exceptional, but in the last few years, they seem to have regressed to average, just like many other chains. Still, their food is good and I still go there from time to time.

I went there this past Sunday night to the Southaven location on Goodman Road because I went to eat kind of late and not much else was open. They have an endless appetizer special that is now standard on the menu and for what you get, it's a good deal. You can choose endless refills from most the available appetizers.

I got the mozzarella sticks, boneless buffalo wings. and boneless garlic Parmesan wings. Their wings are average, but average is not bad at all, and as I stated, it's unlimited refills until 10:00 PM, and the mozzarella sticks are pretty good.

Prices are also average. I spent a total of about $20.00 including a drink, and tax and tip. It isn't one of my first choices any more (they used to be) but I will definitely still go there.

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