Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hazel's Family Restaurant, Olive Branch, MS



Hazel's is a small family diner on Goodman Road in the shopping center at the northwest corner of Craft Road in Olive Branch. I went there today for lunch after running some errands.

Overall, the experience was ok, but I was a little put off by the fact that they after bringing my food out, nobody ever checked back to see if I needed anything. I am NOT the kind of person that needs to have my butt kissed at all, but after taking my order, someone brought my food out and set the food and the check on the table and after that, no one else spoke to me again, even to ask if everything was ok. The few interactions I had with them were pleasant though.

That said, however, the food was good. I got a club sandwich and onion rings. The onion rings were very slightly chewy, but they tasted good and the sandwich tasted good and had plenty of meat on it. It had plenty of mayo on it too.That's not a criticism at all, it's just worth mentioning because not everyone likes that much mayo, but I do.

A lady across from me got the daily catfish special and it looked pretty good. All that said, I would definitely go back if I'm near it.

Prices seem to be reasonable. My sandwich with onion rings, a drink, and tax was $10.01 before tip, which I thought was very reasonable for what I got. I did leave a tip, just not as much of one as I would have normally left. I'm not the kind of person that leaves no tip unless the service is just horrible, which it wasn't.

They seem to cater to an older crowd, at least that's how it seemed today. I was the only person in there under about 70, but that's not any kind kind of problem, just an observation.

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