Friday, May 25, 2018

Kirby Pines Retirement Community, Memphis, TN

Kirby Pines


Ok, so this is an odd one. I had a gig at this location this past Saturday night 5/19. Normally I wouldn't review a place like this because they aren't open to the general public, but they served us dinner, so I'm going to. I don't know much about it as far as a living facility, but the lobby area and dining room are fantastic. I've played a couple of other gigs there too, but nothing recently.

This past Saturday, they had dinner set up as a buffet. I don't know if that's how they normal setup, but it was great. I got a baked chicken breast, a hamburger steak, a baked potato, and some mixed vegetables. There were also other choices, hot dogs, hamburgers, and one or two other options, and several types of deserts, including ice cream.

I have no idea how expensive it is since, as I said, it's not open to the general public. I assume meals are included in the monthly rent or something or residents can buy a meal package. Anyway, if you're ever over there while they are serving dinner and can join in, definitely do it!

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