Friday, May 25, 2018

Mugshots, Hattiesburg, MS


No map, since they have multiple locations, but there is a map on their website.

Mugshots is a chain with locations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. I went to the location is Hattiesburg which is the original according to the website about a week and a half ago on Sunday 5/13. I was in town for a company conference and we went there after we got checked in to the hotel. It was very convenient because it was basically in the hotel parking lot.

It was good, but not great. I got a country fried steak and it was cooked differently than I had ever had one (not in a bad way, just different), and I got a side salad and mashed potatoes. Prices were about average for a bar and grill. I believe the total was around $20 or $21 with drink and tip.

It's definitely worth trying if you're in the area. I forget what my coworker got, but she said it was good.

As a side note, we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott near USM, and it was a nice facility. They have an onsite restaurant, but the prices are really high. An order french fries with three different types of dipping sauce was $7.00, and there were only a few fries, but, they were good.

They also don't serve complimentary breakfast like most other hotels do, but it was a nice room and clean. 

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