Monday, February 26, 2018

Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Germantown, TN



Sakura is a Japanese restaurant on West Street in Germantown just south of Poplar. I went there yesterday (Saturday) for lunch after a rehearsal nearby. I've been there a number of times in the last few years after a friend of mine suggested it. I had eaten sushi before I went there the first time a few years ago but didn't like it (it was cheap buffet sushi and I had no idea what to try) and I mentioned this once a friend gave me the old cliche "You haven't had good sushi" and it was true.

Sakuri isn't cheap sushsi, but it's good, plus I've had a few of their other items and everything I've had has been really good.

The total was around $20.00, if I remember correctly, including drink and tip. This is the Sunset Roll, which is several different types of fish, starting from light to dark across the plate, hence the name Sunset. It's what I normally get when I go there, but their other sushi is good too.

I usually use eel sauce with it instead of soy.

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