Monday, February 26, 2018

The Dirty Crow Inn, Memphis, TN

The Dirty Crow


Most of this is copied from a previous entry. I've been to the Dirty Crow several times.

The Dirty Crow is a bar and grill on Kentucky Street just off Crump Blvd in Memphis. I've been there a couple of times but it's been during lunch time on a weekday. I would guess that on weekend nights, it's much more of a bar, but during the day it's not too crowded or loud. It's small with only a few tables and the waitresses were really friendly.

Today for lunch, I had the catfish basket. The catfish was really good. I think it was beer battered. It came with their own tater sauce, and to be honest, I didn't care for it, but the fish and fries were really good, and I used ketchup.

Prices are about average, before tip, the total was little over $12.00, but their basket came with 4 pieces of fish.

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