Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ruby Tuesday, Memphis, TN

Ruby Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday is a chain restaurant, and as I've stated before, I won't be posting about too many of those, but RT is one of those occasional exceptions. I've been eating at this place at one location or another since I was a kid. They used to be known for their bread and honey butter, but as far as I know, they don't serve that any more.

For a while a few years back, this chain went through an time where their food wasn't that great, but they have redesigned their salad bar and apparently also their menu and the food is good again. They are similar to a Shoney's but the food is much better, and a little higher priced than Shoney's.

Today I got a dish called Chicken Bella, which is grilled chicken breast with roasted portabella mushrooms and artichokes, with a Parmesan cream sauce. It comes with a choice of two sides and I usually get their signature macaroni and cheese and the salad bar. As I stated, they are not cheap like Shoney's or other similar restaurants. I had a coupon for buy one entree get one half price and even with that, my half of the bill that I split with a friend was about $21.00 including drink and tip.

Their food is great though and I recommend it, especially if you like salad bars. Since they redesigned the salad bar, it's probably one of the best in town, and has a selection of 50 or 60 different items.

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