Tuesday, June 19, 2018

La Guadalupana, Memphis, TN

La Guadalupana


Guadalupana is a Mexican Restaurant in Memphis on Summer just west of Mendenhall, near the Pancake Shop. I've been  there a couple of times and it's been good every time. I went there again last night after a rehearsal in the area. I got the Alambres, which is chicken, steak, or pork with onions, jalapenos, tomatoes, and cheese sauce and it was fantastic. It also comes with your choice of flour or corn tortillas, but I normally don't use those.

It was a huge plate of food and was plenty enough for more than one meal. Their prices are very reasonable considering the amount of food. All together, including a large cheese dip and drink, the total was about $16.00, but would have been considerably less if I had ordered a small cheese dip.

I also should mention that I really like the taste of their salsa that comes with the chips. I eat the salsa at most places, but theirs has a really good taste, and it's just spicy enough to make it good.

They also have a location on Winchester which I have not been to yet. I just found out about that tonight and will be visiting them there since it's closer to my house.


  1. Never tried the alambre, sounds good will give it a shot. I love their torta and tacos, esp Carnitas. Cheese dip is ok, but that salsa is the bomb. Las Delicias and happy Mexican also have great salsa, Delicias has the killer combo of sensational chips too.

  2. I’ve been to both of those restaurants also, just not recently.