Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Marciano's Memphis, TN



Marciano's is an Italian and Mediterranean restaurant on East Brookhaven Drive in Memphis, just off of Poplar, west of White Station Road. I don't recall where I heard about it, but I decided to try it last night and I was impressed.

I ordered the lasagna special and a Cioppino stew appetizer both of which were very good. They brought out bread with what I assume was an olive oil based sauce to dip it in, and it was also very good.

The prices are not cheap, but are in line with other slightly higher end restaurants. My dinner was just over $30.00 for the appetizer which was $8.00, entree which was $18.00, and a drink which was only $2.00 oddly enough, before tip.

I was dressed pretty casually, and to be honest after eating there, I wish I had been a little more formally dressed. Nobody was in shirts and ties, but I was in a print t-shirt and I felt a little too casual. Overall though, the experience was fine. Next time I'll wear a nicer shirt.

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