Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Forest Hill Grill, Germantown, TN

Forest HIll Grill


Forest Hill Grill is a bar and grill in Germantown at the corner of Forest Hill Irene and Poplar Pike. I have been there before a few years ago, but back then it was Belmont Grill. I don't know if it's the same owners or not now. I went there this past Saturday after a rehearsal with a friend who lives in the area on his suggestion.

I got a club sandwich and it was actually pretty good. The mayo they provided was in packets and didn't have much taste but the sandwich itself was good and was pretty big. I took part of it home for later, and when I put my own mayo on it, it was better. Those other things on the plate are fries. They are shaped differently that any other fries I've seen, but they were good. My friend got the burger and said it was good.

Prices are about average. My total with drink, before tip was about $12.00. I will definitely be back when I'm in the area. If you like bar and grill type restaurants, I also would recommend Belmont Grill in Memphis at Poplar and Mendenhall, and I will post a review of that as soon as I go there again. I've been there many times and it's great too.

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