Friday, March 30, 2018

Spindini, Memphis, TN



Spindini is a relatively small Italian restaurant in downtown Memphis on Main Street just south of Talbot Street, just a few blocks south of the Orpheum Theater. I had not heard of it but had seen it several times as I passed by the last few weeks and wanted to try it.

I went there for dinner last night and it was essentially what I expected. It's set in a dark ambiance, which would work well for a date, but it's also a bar, so the music was fairly loud. Not overbearing, but a notch or two over what I would have preferred. As soon as I stepped in, I realized it wasn't going to be cheap, but I was expecting that to a degree.

All that said, what I got was great. I ordered a Caesar salad and the Pollo Parmigiana (Chicken Parm). It was very good, and I will definitely go back, it just isn't somewhere I could afford to go on a regular basis. The entree, salad, and soft drink total including tax was just shy of $35.00, not including the tip.

I did notice they have a buy one get one free Thursday pasta special, and if two people wanted to split that, it wouldn't be too pricey, but I was by myself, and the dark ambiance doesn't lend itself to two buddies going out for a casual dinner. All that said, I definitely recommend it if it's in your price range.

On a side note, the waitress was really nice and service was excellent. The pictures are a little dark because the flash on my camera apparently has quit working.

It's worth mentioning that they do have their own parking lot. A few places downtown don't.

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