Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Brother Juniper's, Memphis, TN

Brother Juniper's


Brother Juniper's is a small cafe/breakfast shop in Memphis on Walker in the University of Memphis area. I've been there several times, but found out recently they have a Monte Cristo sandwich, which I really like, so I decided to try it.

Their Monte Cristo was different than any I've had before, but it was good. It had a hint of cinnamon and was served with maple syrup, so it's more of a breakfast sandwich, but again, it was really good, just not what I was expecting. Instead of using syrup, I wanted to eat it like a regular sandwich so I asked for some mayo. All they have is packets of Sysco Foods mayo, which to be honest, didn't have much taste, but the sandwich itself, and the home fries it came with were good.

All together including drink and tip, I spent about $15.00. The next time I go, this sandwich won't be my first choice, but it was definitely worth trying, and I will order it again next time I'm in the mood for a Monte Cristo.  I've also had their omelets and pancakes which are really good too.

They are only open for breakfast and early lunch, and closed on Mondays so check their hours before going.

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