Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Twain's Steak House, Robinsonville, MS


I've posted about this restaurant before, so I'll keep it relatively short. They are inside Sam's Town Casino. I went there Sunday night and it was great. I got the 6 ounce filet, loaded baked potato, and a Caesar salad.

I received a coupon in the mail for a free dinner for two and a friend and I went. I don't really gamble much anymore (I used to years ago) and I didn't gamble at all this night. We just ate and left. I have already received a coupon for next month and there are no free meals included, so I guess they've figured out I don't gamble much any more.

Prices are about average for a somewhat upscale steakhouse. The entire bill, including my food and my friend's food (two starters, two steaks, two potatoes, two drinks) was $101.50 before tip. The food is really good, but honestly, I won't be going back much since apparently my monthly comp coupons are no longer going to include food.

Service was a little tiny bit lacking this time. The restaurant was not very busy, we got there 2 1/2 hours before they closed, but the waitress kept forgetting to come back around. She asked me if I wanted sweetener with my iced tea and I said yes, but then didn't see her for several minutes, and the hostess came around and asked if I needed anything and brought it to me. Then the same thing happened every time I needed something else. I'm not one to complain. Things happen, it's just worth mentioning. I had the same waitress last time I was there and she wasn't like that then.

I definitely recommend them, however. It you gamble anyway, it's worth asking for a comp, and if you don't but just like going to nice restaurants, it's like going to any other steakhouse.

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