Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Neighborhood Grill, Olive Branch, MS

The Neighborhood Grill


The Neighborhood Grill is a small mom and pop cafe on Highway 178 in Olive Branch. It is owned by someone that used to work at my agency, so I had heard quite a bit about it. I went there yesterday morning after work because it's near my doctor's office and I already had an early morning appointment. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and at 6:15 they were already pretty busy, which I took, correctly, as a good sign.

I got an order of scrambled eggs and sausage, along with a ham sandwich. I didn't realize the plate I ordered came with biscuits I wouldn't have ordered the sandwich, but I'm glad I did. The biscuits were fluffy and soft, and everything was great. The ham sandwich was particularly good.

The prices were fair. I spent about $13.00 including a drink and tip. I will definitely be back!

I went back the next day and got almost the same thing and it was just as good.

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