Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Main Street Doughnuts, Southaven, MS

Main Street Doughnuts


Main Street Doughnuts is one of the few doughnut shops I go to. I've been trying to eat a little healthier lately and part of that for me is eating fewer carbs, but every now and then I want a kolachi and they have the best of all the places I've tried.

They are located on Hamilton Road in Southaven just east of I-55 off Stateline Road. They open pretty early in the morning like most doughnut shops and close early in the afternoon.

I started trying their kolachis on recommendation of a friend a few months ago and have been hooked since.

This picture is from this past Friday morning on my way home from work.

Their prices are typical of most shops. These two kolachis, doughnut, and a drink was around $9.00

I also recommend OB Donuts in Olive Branch. Their doughnuts and kolachis are good also, I just happen to like Main Street's a little more.

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